Signature Tours

Signature Tours (Aloha, Sunset, & Wiki) take all the fun of riding a hoverboard and add to it by revealing the many dimensions of these islands. Riders hear about Hawaii from their guide along the entire ride with the use of an exclusive wireless one ear audio system. This allows for shorter stops, longer rides, and more sites visited. It's the perfect intro to Hawaii for new visitors, students, or residents. Explore the plants, animals, geology, recreation, architecture, ancient and modern history, listen to popular Hawaiian songs, Hawaii filmed TV and movie soundtracks, 'native' instruments, learn some Hawaiian language, Hawaiian mythology legends, and see closeup photos from your guide. And to fully capture your experience, we even include souvenir digital photos, so you'll have some great memories to share!

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Signature Tours

Music and Narration for Entire Ride

Exclusive wireless audio system for total Hawaii immersion!

All the Fun of Riding and More

We cover a lot of ground on our way to the scenic highlights. Why should you be limited to learning about a location only at each stop? With our exclusive one ear audio system, riders enjoy the beauty around them and also hear about what they are passing while wirelessly connected to their expert guide.

See More

Since hoverboarders will be immersed in Hawaii along the entire ride by wireless audio, it allows us to make shorter stops, longer rides, and visit more locations.

Learn More

As we hover along, your guide will point out what you're seeing and it's connection to Hawaii's exciting past and present. In addition, he'll also explore what makes Hawaii special. From it's ancient Polynesian heritage of warriors, kings, and kahuna, Asian and Western cultural influences, tropical flora, volcanic landscape, oceanic recreation, and friendly laid back aloha culture, Hawaii awaits discovery! 

Feel More

Music evokes emotion. Why should a tour just provide spoken commentary? With our wireless audio system, we inject music at just the right times to really feel Hawaii. From nostalgic Hawaiian melodies as we glide along the beach, to the sounds of the 182 year old Royal Hawaiian band as we explore the bandstand. You'll listen to famous Hawaiian artists and Hawaii songs, beautiful examples of uniquely Hawaiian instruments, tiki pop era comedy, even a song composed in 1874 by the very last Hawaiian Monarch, Queen Liliuokalani!

Audio Tour on self-balancing Hawaii Hoverboarding Tours segway-style tour of Waikiki with more

Explore more!

Discover more!

Signature Tours

Taste, See, Remember

Sample unique flavors, see closeup photos, capture epic PPW memories!

Taste the Islands

**Part of the fun of travel is discovering and experiencing new unique flavors. Your guide will personally select a few samples that give you a taste of our islands. Always a surprise, it could be anything from local favorite snacks, haupia pudding, fresh fruits like pineapple, mango, papaya, or coconuts, macadamia nuts, Kona coffee treats, or even hand made poi! **Samples temporarily suspended due to COVID.

Discover Hawaii Up Close with Photos

When we stop, we don't just point to things, we also show photos to give you a close up understanding of what you're seeing. To bring Hawaii alive, you'll see photos of our sea life when you're looking out over the ocean, Hawaii's endangered and only native marine mammal, ancient voyaging ships, portraits of past kings and queens, and more!

Close up photos show on Hawaii Hoveboarding Tours Honolulu alt Segway Tour
Signature Tour included souvenir digital photos from guided tour Waikiki alt Segway
Create Profile Pic Worthy (PPW) Memories

Every great experience needs an equally great photo to immortalize it with a social media following. Why settle for boring camera photos of your tour and the hassle of trying to take them yourself? We carefully select the most scenic backdrops for your photos, take them with our camera, and deliver to you professionally edited digital souvenir photos. Uniquely capture your experience in a way that's sure to wow any social following.