Comparison Chart of Hawaii Hoverboarding Tours and Segway® Tours in Waikiki

Hoverboarding and Segway Tours to Diamond Head, Waikiki

As the newest guided self-balancing tour company in Waikiki, the comparison chart below shows how our "Signature Aloha" and "Diamond Head" Hawaii Hoverboarding Tours differs from the leading Segway Tour competitor in Waikiki. Whether you choose our Hoverboarding Tour or a competitors Segway Tour while visiting Oahu, we believe self-balancing guided tours are the best way to enjoy a fun experience and see much more than walking alone. Since the majority of visitors to Hawaii stay on Oahu, and Waikiki is the most popular city to vacation in Honolulu, a Waikiki Segway Tour or Hoverboarding Tour is convenient and one of the most beautiful and popular locations on island.


Our highly informative "Signature Aloha" and "Signature Sunset" tour stands out from the competition with the use of a wireless one-ear receiver, allowing for recorded and live commentary and music during the entire ride. Free souvenir digital photos, island food samples, and close up photos shown to bring Hawaii alive! 

Our fast and fun "Diamond Head" tour has less commentary and is without wireless headsets. A great tour to Diamond Head lighthouse lookout especially for Japanese or other non-native English speakers!

Compare to Diamond Head Segway® Tour in Waikiki

Comparison Chart of "Wiki" Hoverboarding Tour and a competing Segway Tour in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Comparison Chart of "Magic" Hoverboarding Tour and a competing Segway Tour on Oahu, Hawaii.

*Hawaii Hoverboarding Tours has no affiliation with any Segway Tour companies in Waikiki, Hawaii. Chart was compiled from information provided on a leading competitors website on Nov 8, 2019. Segway® is the registered trademark of Segway Inc. Hawaii Hoverboarding Tours has no affilliation with Segway Inc.

Signature Tour

Signature Tour

Signature Aloha

2 hours 15 minutes

See the natural highlights! Explore Diamond Head lookout, Kaimana Beach, Kapiolani Park, Queens Beach Promenade and connect with Hawaii!

Starts at Waikiki Honolulu Zoo

Diamond Head

2 hours

Discover Diamond Head lookout, Kapiolani Park, Kaimana Beach, and Queens Beach Promenade with less history/ culture than our Aloha tour!

Starts at Waikiki Honolulu Zoo

Signature Sunset

2 hours 15 minutes

Experience Waikiki by hoverboard during the most magical time of day! This is our Signature Aloha tour at Sunset time!

Starts at Waikiki Honolulu Zoo

Segway® is a registered trademark of Segway Inc. Hawaii Hoverboarding Tours has no affiliation with Segway Inc.

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